7 Simple Steps to Creating Your Very Own Micronation

A micronation is a small, self-proclaimed independent nation or state that has not been recognized by any government.

Follow these seven simple steps and you too can have your very own micronation.

1. Have a Reason

Most micronations are created for one or more of the following reasons:

Nimis sculpture of driftwood in front of sea with boat
Photo credit: sekundo via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND
  • self-aggrandizement–For example, the Republic of Molossia is run by “His Excellency President Grand Admiral Colonel Doctor” Kevin Baugh.
  • creative self-expression–Artist Lars Vilk created the micronation of Ladonia when the Swedish government threatened to tear down a sculpture he’d built from 70 tons of driftwood.
  • passion for a cause–The Conch Republic was created to protest a border checkpoint the government installed between the Florida Keys and the mainland. The checkpoint was meant to curb illegal immigration from Cuba but it mostly caused backups on the highway, hurting the tourist trade in the Keys. The checkpoint was ultimately removed.
  • criminal activity–The Dominion of Melchizedek, according to Wikipedia, is a micronation known largely for facilitating large-scale banking fraud.

2. Acquire Some Land

A place to hoist your flag isn’t actually a strict requirement. Some micronations exist only online, and some only in the minds of their creators.

One enterprising young woman found a volcanic obsidian rock while on a hike. She declared it “the mobile embassy of the Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia.” She carries her micronation around in a blue briefcase.

Nevertheless, I want to suggest that any self-respecting micronation needs its own bit of real estate. It doesn’t have to be much:

Oh, and before you get the bright idea of laying claim to some parcel of outer space, the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 forbade such a thing. Not that you have to acknowledge the treaty. The space nation, Asgardia, was founded in October 2016.

3. Form a Government and Draft a Constitution

It’s your country so you can have any form of government you wish. Many micronations, like the Republic of Molossia, are benevolent dictatorships.

It’s Renaissance fair meets model UN, with a healthy dose of political theory. And if you ask them, it’s also plain fun.

Jennifer Parker

Your election process can be unusual. When the president of the Republic of Saugeais died, his widow was elected by an applause meter at a party with her citizens.

And your choice of leader can be downright strange. In 2015, the Whangamomona Republic in New Zealand elected their first woman president. Her husband has the title of “First Bloke.” Previous presidents included a man, a goat, and a poodle.

Once you have a government, you will need a constitution. The Republic of Uzupis has a wonderful one. I especially like articles #3–“Everyone has the right to die, but this is not an obligation” and #12–“A dog has the right to be a dog.”

4. Acquire Some Citizens

The Principality of Sealand has a population of four, all members of the Bates family.

Ladonia claims over 15,000 citizens but none of them live within its borders. If you want to be a citizen you just complete an online application. If you want to be part of Ladonia’s nobility, however, you will need to pay $12 to choose your title.

Asgardia, the space nation, encourages earthlings to apply. So far, 575,136 of us have completed the online form and become proud citizens of Asgardia.

Republic of Molossia micronation trading company with Kevin Baugh and guest standing outside the shack
Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

Many micronations have their own passports that you can apply for online. The Conch Republic will issue your choice of a citizen’s passport or a diplomatic passport for $100. Yes, really.

5. Set Up Your Economy

The Republic of Molossia has their own currency, the Valora. Valoras look like poker chips (because they are). The value of a Valora fluctuates, tied as it is to the price of Pillsbury Cookie Dough.

Of course if you have a currency, you also need some form of trade. The Republic of Molossia has their own railroad (a toy train) and an online trading company where you use real money to purchase such items as underwear labelled “Property of the Republic of Molossia.”

Taxes in Ladonia are not paid in money. Each citizen is simply expected to contribute their creativity to the world.

6. Brand Your Micronation

This is where you can really let those creative juices flow! At the very least, you will need a flag, a national anthem, and a motto.

Ladonia’s flag is a green cross on an identical green background. Rumor has it that the Ladonia flag was selected because it is what the Swedish flag would look like if it were boiled.

Asgardia’s flag hasn’t yet been chosen. You can click here to ‘like’ your choice of dozens of flag designs. Some of them are quite attractive.

blue flag of Conch Republic micronation with yellow sun and white stars
Photo credit: Sam Howzit via Visual Hunt / CC BY

Ladonia has two national anthems. One anthem is the sound of a stone thrown in the water. The other “can be described as a tone poem on the development of Ladonian freedom.”

The Republic of Molossia used the Albanian anthem for 15 years until complaints from Albanian citizens got a little too loud. The new anthem “formerly the anthem of Zaire, is no longer in use and fits our needs nicely,” claims His Excellency Kevin Baugh.

The prize for the best motto of any micronation goes to The Conch Republic’s, “We seceded where others failed!”

7. Be Ready to Defend Your Country

The Republic of Molossia has an active navy. It’s His Excellency Kevin Baugh’s 27 family members in kayaks on Lake Tahoe, squirt guns at the ready.

In some instances, simply the threat of war may be enough to set an offending country on its heels. The Principality of Hutt River declared war on Australia when the government expected the principality to pay taxes like everyone else. As reported, “A few days later, the prince sent official notification that the war was over. There were no deaths, no injuries, and no acknowledgment from Australia that the conflict ever existed.”

Dreamers and poets will always build castles in the sky, but only fools and lunatics will try to live in them.

Steven F. Scharff

Beam Me Up, Scotty

A line from a song by Kris Kristofferson has been humming in my brain throughout the research and writing of this post. Rocket to Stardom describes all manner of strange people coming to the singer’s home, gathering outside the fence to audition their unusual talents, while Kristofferson and his family watch them on closed circuit cameras. The line is, “I’ve got a closed circuit circus in my bedroom, and a world full of wackos in the wings.”

What do you think? Are these micronations all in good fun, or have I just devoted time and energy to a world full of wackos? Let me know in the comments below.





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  1. LOL, this was an entertaining read, Karen. Can I answer with both? I think micronations are all in good fun. I mean, who are we to deny people the right to create their own nation in which to live? I don’t think they will ever get to the point where the world will screech to a halt and take notice of them because they have all of a sudden become a super power. That being said…the world is full of wackos. I firmly agree with Kris Kristofferson on that one. I believe wackos make the world interesting so I am not altogether against them existing. Everyone should be allowed to be their own brand of a wacko as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Life would be rather boring if we were all straight-laced and serious.

    1. LOL, perhaps your micronation could be called PJopolis (Profound Journey or pajamas in short form?). I think my micronation would be called Catzopia, given my penchant for those beautiful furry pets. 😉

      1. Very clever, Susan! I love PJopolis with its double meaning. Pajamas with profound sayings on them could be the uniform of choice. The national anthem could be a lullaby. Oh, wait. The soporific effect of pajamas and lullabies could end up negating the Profound Journey focus on positive forward movement. I’ll have to give this a bit more thought.
        The tribe awaits news of life in Catzopia.

  2. I think this is a great piece of research you have done and it was a lot of fun to read while I had my morning coffee while the wind howls over our country. You have some interesting subjects one would never think about. Good for you.

  3. Karen – you are amazing! Every week you come up with something so unexpected that I’m blown away. This blog was terrific! I do believe, though, that if I were to start my own country, it would have to have a very large, deep moat and a drawbridge and Empress does have a nice ring to it.

  4. Ok, here is how I imagine life will look like in Catzopia.

    The nation’s flag will be red of course since this is my favorite color with the portrait of a tabby cat in the center. Each of the four corners of the flag will bear claw marks to subliminally warn any other nations not to mess with us lest they feel our claws.

    Citizens will wear a chain around their neck each bearing a small paw print in silver or gold. Comfortable clothes are mandatory in Catzopia since cat naps will often be taken by its people on any surface that will support a warm sunbeam and the weight of the person.

    As for the economy, the legal tender will be coins of various denominations stamped with portraits of various breeds of cats. Tabbies on the $100 coin, Siamese on the $50 coin, Egyptian Mau on the $20 coin, Maine Coon on the $10 coin, Persian on the $5 coin, Burmese on the $2 coin and finally British Shorthair on the lowly $1 coin. All products bought and sold in Catzopia shall be in whole dollar values with no taxes whatsoever!

    Requirements for citizenship shall include but not be limited to a fondness for cats. In this way, there would be no fighting in the kingdom since we would all have cats in common and as such cat fights would be banned.

    My title as leader of this fine nation shall be She Who Must Be Adored. 😉

    1. Oh my gosh, you are clever! I admit to being more of a ‘dog’ person than a ‘cat’ person, but your country sounds appealing even to me. I especially love the idea of sleeping in the warm sunbeam and no cat fights. Well done!

      1. Thanks, Karen, that is a wonderful compliment coming from you. 🙂
        On another note:
        I am so happy to see these comment sections coming alive with more and more tribe members. 🙂 Yay!!

  5. I am the Grand Marshal of the Ambulatory Free states and I must speak for my country- although our land claim is small we are mighty! Also our nation lives in a blue briefcase, not a pink suitcase 😉
    we also have a new website

    1. Thank you, Grand Marshal, for visiting Profound Journey, and for providing the correction and update. I have corrected the post to show that your nation lives in a blue briefcase and have updated to include your new website. I shall advise all Profound Journey tribe members of same in the weekly email that they will receive tomorrow.Carry on with your mightiness. I applaud you!

      1. I loved your blog. I happened to come across the concept of micronations. And I found the concept a lot of fun! I am wacko enough to want to create my wacky micronation, and I will be called “Her Royal Wackiness, Queen Astrid”.

        hahaha!!! I was going to say I will create a website called http://www.wackistan.com/. But it already exists!! I don’t believe it! I guess I need to get wackier.

        1. Hi Astrid,
          I’m so sorry to be so late in accepting this comment and replying to it.
          Thanks for enjoying the blog. I think you should embrace your title of “Her Royal Wackiness, Queen Astrid” regardless of whether a website already exists or not. You can always be wackistan.org or wackistan.online.

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