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Liminal Space is Where the Magic Happens

liminal space a long wooden pier

Have you ever been the only person in a parking lot at night? Or a hotel hallway after the elevator has stopped pinging and all of the guests are tucked up in their rooms asleep? Maybe you have descended to a subway platform moments after the train has left and[…]

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10 Keys to Your Metaphorical Road Trip

side mirror on car

I left last Monday on an extended road trip. I will be gone until at least August 31st. That’s a minimum of ten weeks of joyful ease, ten weeks of feeling the breeze in my hair, the sun on my skin. I’m only one week into my journey, but I[…]

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Writing to Heal: How to Do It Right

closed first aid kit on red background

Do you keep a journal only or mostly when you are unhappy? Ever wondered if venting on paper actually helps, or if it simply mires you deeper in the muck? There have been numerous research studies on writing to heal and the evidence is pretty clear. Evidence for Writing to[…]

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You Are NOT Lazy. 18 Ways to Overcome Resistance

side angle view of red brick wall

Are you really just a lazy, undisciplined good-for-nothing procrastinator when you don’t do what you say you want to do? Do you need to take yourself in hand, buckle down, and smarten up? Or is there maybe, just maybe, a darn good reason for that brick wall standing between you[…]

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Big Rocks: My All-Time Favourite Productivity Tip

three big rocks

There are degrees of busyness. Crazy busy, I believe, belongs only to people in the workforce. They are the ones with a zillion things to do at both work and home, often with few people available to help in either location. If you are working and you don’t know about[…]

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Why This Year’s Vision Board is a Game Changer

clouds surrounded by light

I’ve noticed (word of the year!) that this year’s vision board is a radical departure from those of yesteryears. Reflecting on that little fact led me to the conclusion that there are actually three different categories of vision boards, each serving their own purpose. Version #1: The Fortune Teller Vision[…]

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Some Musings About Purpose

woman's feet on top step descending into the sea

It has been ages since I’ve written more than one post in a week. I wasn’t intending to write a second one this week. But then I read Profound Journey Tribe member Pat’s thought-provoking post about a purpose-filled retirement. Pat is thinking about whether it’s okay to be “self-indulgent and[…]

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How to Make Changes the Kaizen Way

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy. To make changes the kaizen way is to take small steps, rather than large leaps, with the goal of continuous improvement. It’s what writers do when they focus on the day’s page of work rather than the hundreds of pages still to be written. Or[…]

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