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How to Craft Your Ideal Day… and Live It

heart shape cut out of hedge, unfocused soft green scene beyond

Sometimes I write about what I know. And sometimes I write about what I need to learn. This post falls into the second category. I am failing at the task of living my best life. Since life is a series of days, one after another, I know that I need[…]

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The Myth of the 21 Day Habit

young black girl listening to tin can telephone

Do you remember playing the game Telephone when you were a child? You would whisper a comment to a friend who would repeat it to another friend and so on through several people. When the whispered comment finally came back to you, it was unrecognizable. Belief in the 21 day[…]

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Your Transition to Retirement is Supposed to Be Difficult

brown butterfly on branch above empty chrysalis

Your transition to retirement is supposed to hurt. If you are doing it right, there will be a lengthy period of chaos and loss occurring sometime in the first few years of retirement. My fingers itch to backspace through that phrase, “If you are doing it right.” I mean no disrespect[…]

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I Resolve to Enjoy More Pajama Days in 2017

pair of fuzzy white bear slippers

On January 1st this year, I broke a pattern that had gone unchallenged for better than forty years. This year, January 1st was one of three holiday pajama days. I wore my dark blue pajama pants and appropriately embroidered “Expect the Best” light blue pajama top all day. After a[…]

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Superior Alternatives to Old-School New Year’s Resolutions

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Let’s begin by stating the obvious. If you make New Year’s resolutions, you have an 8% chance of success which means a 92% likelihood of failure. Oh, well. At least you’re in good company. 92% of business startups fail within the first three years, and 92% of drugs never reach the[…]

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35 Ways to Strengthen Your Willpower and Self-Control

plastic toy supergirl posed against field

Self-control: the ability to resist the temptation of an immediate pleasure so you can enjoy the deeper and more meaningful satisfaction of achieving a long-term goal. Put that way, doesn’t self-control sound like a no-brainer? Simply use your willpower to say ‘No” to whatever is tempting you, and you will[…]

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Karen’s Immunity to Change Map for Weight Loss

hand holding compass with wooden path beyond, symbolic of planning my immunity to change map

Last week, I wrote a long post about immunity to change. This week I promised to share my immunity to change map and to explain how to test big assumptions. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead! But in the comments section of last week’s post, tribe member Susan Millard stopped me[…]

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Above the Line or Below the Line? You and Mr. Trump

horizon of dark sea and bright sky showing above the line or below the line concept

The concept of above the line or below the line comes from accounting where above the line refers to profits and below the line to expenses. But there is another, far more interesting, application of the term and that is about how we think and behave in the world. Many[…]

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Put the 80/20 Rule to Work for You

pile of stones amidst other stones on beach intended to show the 80/20 rule

The 80/20 Rule (a.k.a. Pareto Principle) says that you are deluding yourself if you genuinely believe that all of your friends have equal value to you; that any customer you deal with at work is as important as every other, or that all published books have an equal chance of[…]

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