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(The) End of Absence: #A-Z Challenge

chain forming a heart, a constant connection, against wood background

“Absence isn’t going to return to us easily. Just as we decide to limit our intake of the sugars and fats that we’re designed to hoard, we now must decide to sometimes keep at bay the connectivity we’re hardwired to adore. We must remain as critical of technological progress as[…]

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What is the Most Dangerous Animal in Australia?

Kings Canyon, Australia

Australia is well known for having more than its fair share of dangerous animals. When it comes to most dangerous animal, what would you pick? Let’s consider the options but before we do, a promise. There are no photos of venomous snakes, hairy spiders, or menacing crocodile eyes anywhere in[…]

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How to Unlock the Power of Creative Visualization

a railroad track disappearing into the distance, leafed trees on either side, a buddha sculpture with fairy wings perched by the track

I used to think that creative visualization was a bit of nonsense cooked up by people who had a financial stake in The Secret. But then I started meditating a few months ago using guided imagery meditations. Surprisingly, images, sounds, even smells started appearing. Suddenly I was visualizing or, more accurately[…]

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The Top 3 Benefits of Burning Candles

two red taper candles with a textured gold cone in the background

The dark and cold winter months offer the perfect reminder of self-care via candlelight. Here are the top three benefits of burning candles. There is also a handy  chart that will help you decide when to choose among paraffin, beeswax or soy candles. Benefit #1 – Celebration and Appreciation “In[…]

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Manifesto for a Creative Life

hot air balloon in a blue sky with wispy clouds

The word ‘creativity’ scares a lot of people, sometimes me included. So before I tell you why I believe that we (you and me) MUST live creative lives, let me be really clear about some of the tired ideas about creativity that will NEVER have a place in our conversations.[…]

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