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June 2018 RAW NEWS Update

pink tulips against green background

I’ve taken the advice that many of you offered in response to May’s RAW NEWS Update and have been relaxing into the outdoor work demands of spring rather than fighting against them. That little shift has made June, as you’ll see, a much better month than May. So thank you.[…]

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May 2018 RAW NEWS Update

May is greening up grass and trees

Some sections of this monthly update post are shorter than usual. That’s because I have been very focused and driven in a couple of areas, and ignored everything else. It’s a good thing there’s research to suggest that an ongoing life balance is highly overrated. (Yes, it’s fair to accuse[…]

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March 2018 RAW NEWS Update

tree branches not quite ready to bud

My RAW NEWS framework continues to work its magic, keeping me focused on my priorities. And this end-of-month accounting is wonderful for helping me look at the big picture, assessing where I’ve done well and where I need to tweak a bit for the next month. Here we go. Read[…]

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February 2018 RAW NEWS Update

mittened hands holding snow in shape of heart

I will attempt to mirror February’s status as the shortest month of the year by making this a shorter-than-usual post. Once again, highlights are organized using my RAW NEWS framework. Read This month was a bit unusual in that of the thirteen books read, six were novels. I tend to[…]

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January 2018 RAW NEWS Update

forest setting sun snow-covered ground

Even though this is my third month of living my RAW NEWS framework, it feels different and new because it is January. I adore new beginnings, although usually not for a good reason. New beginnings typically trigger my nasty perfectionism. I usually consider January (and the first of every month)[…]

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That’s a Wrap! December RAW NEWS Update

stars forming heart in sky

RAW NEWS is proving to be the perfect personal growth framework for me. It’s giving structure to my desire to spend time in the creative areas of reading, art, writing and learning, supported by a foundation of good nutrition, exercise, and self-care. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, for the[…]

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On Being an Absolute Beginner in Art

young girl on bike with training wheels

The scene is my art teacher’s sun-filled kitchen. I’m sipping peppermint tea and enjoying what turns into a two hour chat. Rod has invited me to visit because I have self-identified as an absolute beginner in art. The Absolute Beginner in Art is a Rare Bird For people in my[…]

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My First Month of RAW NEWS – November 2017

sky background

RAW NEWS is giving me the new direction I’d hoped for. I’d known from the beginning that I wouldn’t get to every letter of the acronym every day, and I haven’t. But I have spent enough time in each that I am very satisfied with the month of November and[…]

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A Guided Tour of My Sort-of-New Art Studio

exterior of art studio

The word “turnkey” is, according to Collins Dictionary, rarely used. Except in my world. Hello, my name is Karen, and I’m a turnkeyaholic. Context, especially physical environment, has been important to me as far back as age six. My version of playing school involved perusing the Sears Christmas catalogue, making[…]

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RAW NEWS Gives Me Direction for the Future

back of woman's legs climbing steps

In April, I wrote How to Craft Your Ideal Day…and Live It. I had a few book ideas and was looking for a way to make writing a big part of every day. I was focused on product, on doing what I’d been doing–writing for publication–but in an arena other[…]

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