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My First Tarot Reading: 5 Lessons Learned

Tarot card of magician and black bag with stars and moons

I’ve been playing with tarot cards for a few months, trying to do my own readings using the books that come with the card decks. Unfortunately, I am very, very good at interpreting the cards to match my desires. Fortunately, I know about that about myself. And fortunately, I found[…]

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A Curious Skeptic in the Land of Woo-Woo

galaxy swirl in various colours

I pride myself on being a logical, evidence-based professional.  None of that woo-woo Wiccan, pagan, shamanism stuff for me. So it’s reasonable to wonder what I’m doing with not one but three decks of tarot cards, seven decks of oracle cards, a bag of Rune stones, a handful of crystals,[…]

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A Review of Finding Lily: A Memoir

long paved road with dividing line

I stumbled across Finding Lily in my local library, en route to another book. The title made me curious and I liked that it was by a Canadian author. However, truth be told, the real reason I picked it up is because it is only 189 pages and I was short[…]

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My Favourite Blogs and Channels of 2017

half dozen varied hanging hearts

I guard my inbox pretty carefully. Maybe you’re the same? I don’t want to be inundated with emails. I like to read books so I’m careful not to spend too much time reading shorter pieces online. Movies are my thing so I don’t spend a lot of time watching YouTube[…]

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A Photo Collage Guide to the Comforts of Hygge

colourful knitted wool socks on feet

Think back to the best holiday meal and day you’ve ever experienced. Remember the smell and taste of your favourite foods, the fun you had playing charades or cards, the glowing candles or roaring fire that added a delicious coziness to your home. Now imagine living so you feel that[…]

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Historical Fiction Review: The Heart Specialist

Closeup of layered glass heart

I will read just about anything. My three exceptions are horror, anything by Danielle Steel (the woman can’t write), and historical fiction. The book doesn’t even have to be a work of historical fiction; just the mere reference to a multi-generational novel that includes a war or reference to the[…]

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The Google Effect: Are you Victor or Victim?

fantasy image of old man's eyes, sundial clock, ruined buildings, clouds

The Google effect refers to our tendency to forget any information that can be easily found online. Another term for the Google effect is “digital amnesia.” For example, what’s the name of the actress who plays Shelby in the movie Steel Magnolias? If the answer doesn’t come immediately to mind, chances[…]

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Giovanni’s Room: A Book Review

chain roping off cobblestones on Paris night

I love to follow breadcrumbs; to read, for example, one book, and have the author nudge me toward another. That’s what happened this week. I had reread Natalie Goldberg’s Old Friend from Far Away while writing a six-part series on how to write memoir. On page 31 she writes, “I couldn’t[…]

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