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Review of a Hybrid Memoir: The Bee Cottage Story

female hand holding seashell in front of blurred water and sand

Hybrid narratives are the latest publishing craze, and the hybrid memoir is a big part of that. Often combining self-help and personal narrative, the hybrid memoir fits the bill for people who want to make changes in their lives with the assistance of someone who has “been there, done that,[…]

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A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: A Book Review

rail fence, dirt path, sun breaking through clouds

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (2009) is a really unusual book. I didn’t love the writer’s style. There were moments when the detail felt excessive and I was a bit bored. But the premise of the book? The premise was brilliant and thought-provoking and inspiring. I don’t know if I’ll[…]

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4 Simple and Helpful Steps to Better Dream Interpretation

surreal dream interpretation island in sky with elephant and giraffe

I have long been fascinated by dreams, but suspicious of books and websites that purport to interpret them for me. I agreed with the argument that only the dreamer can interpret the dream, but knew my interpretations to be superficial, self-serving and almost always wrong. Then my editor, who knew[…]

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Getting to Normal: A Book Review

back of young girl looking at bike in backyard

I hadn’t anticipated using the #FridayBookShare template to write another book review so soon after the last one. But then I hadn’t anticipated that Sandra Campbell’s debut novel, Getting to Normal (2001, Stoddart) would affect me as it did. First Line of the Book Getting to Normal opens unusually, with a two[…]

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An Unknown Woman Happens Every Day Book Reviews

glass ball reflection of trees

There are many things I just can’t write. Notes of appreciation or congratulation are one–they sound stilted and insincere. Books reviews are another. I am an avid reader, and sometimes a voracious one. I’d love to share thoughts about books but beyond assigning them a score in my Goodreads account,[…]

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Appreciating the Wabi-Sabi Way of Life

water drops on green leaf

The term has a pleasing, rhyming lilt to it –wabi-sabi. It’s a fun word to say. But what does it mean? Describing Wabi-Sabi The juiciness of wabi-sabi is squeezed out when we try to define it. That is because wabi-sabi is a feeling, a way of being, not a list[…]

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