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Your Future Self Needs Your Help

compass against colourful contour map

When you imagine your life five, ten or twenty years down the road, who are you? Is your future self the woman you are today, just with more wrinkles and perhaps a different mailing address? Or does your future self feel like an entirely different person, someone you haven’t met[…]

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Stop the Abuse. Self-Care Through Intuitive Eating

tines of a fork on its side

The first letters of the words ‘Intuitive Eating’ are capitalized. Programs and brands always are–think Weight Watchers, the Zone Diet and the latest craze, the Ketogenic Diet. Nevertheless, the capitals are a bit disappointing because I think of Intuitive Eating as the anti-program. It is the light at the end[…]

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The Five Unders of Women and Heart Disease

heart symbol as ECG readout

Answer me this. If you feel as if there’s an elephant sitting on your chest, you should a) call the zoo and ask if Dumbo has gone missing. b) wake yourself up because you are dreaming. c) get to the hospital. You may be having a heart attack. C’mon. You[…]

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Enjoy Hunny and Hopefulness on Winnie the Pooh Day

Winnie the Pooh stuffed toys and honey jars in a store

When it’s eleven o’clock  this morning or thereabouts, I hope you’ll join me in a little something to revive ourselves. Bread, honey and, if you wish, some condensed milk will do nicely. Eating will help us with that eleven o’clockish feeling and simultaneously allow us to toast A.A. Milne on[…]

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Have You Started Death Cleaning Yet?

pile of boxes, bags, clothes in an open storage unit

“I’ve never seen the settlement of an elderly person’s estate that didn’t involve at least one Dumpster,” said an estate lawyer. If you have helped with the post-death cleanup of a relative’s worldly possessions, you know the lawyer’s words are true. Margareta Magnusson, an elderly Swedish artist and author, would like[…]

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Be Willing to Leave Your Baggage Behind

closeup of antique trunk showing strap and lock

My dad was a master of the profound pithy saying. One of his favourites was, “When the building is burning, leave your baggage behind.” Dad usually offered that sage nugget of wisdom during work crises. It was a reminder that the war was more important than the small battle; that[…]

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7 Great Reasons to Spend Time Alone

woman standing alone under tree looking out at water

“I want to be alone,” said Greta Garbo in the movie Grand Hotel. I hear it, with Garbo’s accent, as “I vant to be alone” accompanied by a dramatic hand to the forehead. Maybe that’s because I crave any chance to spend time alone. I’m a woman who enjoys periods[…]

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Engage in Your Version of Stone Therapy

pile of gray stones and rocks

I first learned of stone therapy from my friend, Bob. Bob had done exemplary work for a mining company for much of his adult life. About ten years before he was due to retire, he got a new boss. The two men didn’t get along. When Bob returned from a[…]

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It’s National Scrabble Day. Want to Play?

three words on a Scrabble board

Every other Tuesday throughout the winter and early spring, I meet up with a friend. We take turns hosting, which means preparing lunch. We also take turns winning (although she wins about 65% of the time) as we play one or two games of Scrabble. Since today (April 13th) is[…]

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