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Take Time for a Walk in the Woods

section of forest with moss and leafy tree

I recently spent two and a half hours tromping about in the woods on my property. My walk in the woods was, at first, motivated by money. Twenty minutes in, my walk in the woods was about pleasure, peacefulness, and learning. In other words, it became an activity of self-care.[…]

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Do You Really Need to Drink More Water?

glass of cold water

  When it comes to habits for better health, many experts will urge you to drink more water. In fact, water consumption is such a big deal that one website offers their top 100 apps that help you track your water consumption, and that’s just for iOS. It would seem to[…]

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Ten 10-Minute Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day

Young girl lying on mat reading a Dr. Seuss book

Recalling and reliving comforting childhood moments is a great form of self-care. Since we are a generation raised on Dr. Seuss, I’m willing to bet that there will be at least one 10-minute activity in the following list that will reignite some of those wonderful memories. Take ten minutes today[…]

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Guided Meditation Help for Beginners and Skeptics

lotus flower against lush green foliage

You would have to be living under a rock to imagine that meditation is a zero-sum activity. Study after study confirms the benefits of meditation for everything from decreasing anxiety, depression and stress to improving memory, compassion, and attention. So if you haven’t started to meditate, or if you have started[…]

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I Hope You Will Buy Yourself Flowers

light shining on single pink tulip

I have been buying myself flowers every week or two from late autumn to late spring for the past twenty years. Until I started my research for this post, I had no idea that my flower-buying habits were unusual. How about you? Do you buy yourself flowers? If you don’t,[…]

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I Resolve to Enjoy More Pajama Days in 2017

pair of fuzzy white bear slippers

On January 1st this year, I broke a pattern that had gone unchallenged for better than forty years. This year, January 1st was one of three holiday pajama days. I wore my dark blue pajama pants and appropriately embroidered “Expect the Best” light blue pajama top all day. After a[…]

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Recharge Your Batteries with a Power Nap

lion's head resting on a raised green surface as he takes a power nap

Many of us consider an afternoon power nap to be slightly suspect . Naps, we imagine, are for toddlers and the elderly, the ill and the lazy. While we might claim to love the possibility of a nap, we might consider ourselves far too busy/productive/useful to partake on a regular[…]

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Searching for the Best Decorated Sugar Cookies

decorated sugar cookies on red plate with poinsettia in background

I devoted Saturday to testing five sugar cookie and five icing recipes in search of the best decorated sugar cookies. I could claim that I did all of that testing for you so that you don’t have to, and that would be true. But it was also a great self-care[…]

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The Top 3 Benefits of Burning Candles

two red taper candles with a textured gold cone in the background

The dark and cold winter months offer the perfect reminder of self-care via candlelight. Here are the top three benefits of burning candles. There is also a handy  chart that will help you decide when to choose among paraffin, beeswax or soy candles. Benefit #1 – Celebration and Appreciation “In[…]

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