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Happy First Birthday, Profound Journey. Now What?

birthday cake with blue and white icing and the number 1

I started Profound Journey one year and 107 posts ago. The very best thing I did before launching was to record my three intentions for the site. They were, in no particular order: Make my art–combine words and images in ways that bring more beauty into the world and inspire[…]

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Two Dogs are Twice as Much Fun

Kermit and pink panther dolls hanging upside down on a wire

Yes, you read it right–two dogs. Shylah has lived with us for seven months; you are long overdue an update. Toffee, our newest, has been here for three months; it is past time for introductions. Shylah Makes Me Dizzy Overall, Shylah has come a long, long way from the shutdown[…]

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People are Mystified by my Labyrinth

backyard stone labyrinth

When people hear about my new labyrinth, the first question isn’t “Why?”, which I’d expect, but rather “What?” So we’ll start there. What is a Labyrinth? At first glance, a labyrinth and a maze look the same. There’s an entrance, a center, and a path you walk. But, as this[…]

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Liesbet’s Life Less Ordinary: An Alternative Lifestyle

side view of woman on sailing ship, water in background

I love to imagine living an alternative lifestyle, “a life less ordinary.” My imagination will, unfortunately, have to suffice. I’m too much of a homebody to ever become a “full-time nomad” or “lifetime adventurer.” But I thoroughly enjoy living the life vicariously through the wonderful blog Roaming About: A Life[…]

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Why Susan is Determined to Write a Memoir

phoenix made of flames

Profound Journey tribe member Susan Millard answered the 25 Not-Too-Scary Life Questions Worth Asking Yourself last October. In her responses, she said that the phoenix was her favourite image because she, like the phoenix, has emerged from the fire of difficult challenges into a shiny new future. Today, Susan takes[…]

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Welcome Home, Shylah: Let’s Try This Again

side view of dog

The all-day rain matches my mood. I am disappointed, upset and exhausted. I have a massive headache that two lots of Advil hasn’t touched. Shylah, my wonderful rescue puppy, has been with me exactly three and one half months. Yet today, Gerri and I are pretending that she just arrived.[…]

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