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Cresting the Hill, No Descent in Sight

series of hills in background, grass in foreground

I’ve always liked the name of Leanne’s blog–Cresting the Hill. To crest means to reach the top, the highest point. For some midlife women, those who imagine their lives to be glasses half empty, cresting the hill might suggest that it’s all downhill from here. A gradual or precipitous decline[…]

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What Objects Keep You on Track?

collection raku and glass sea turtles

The photo is of my collection of sea turtles, gathered up from tables and shelves throughout my house. I like having my sea turtles around me and not just because they’re beautiful. They also serve as a reminder, a gentle nudge for me to pay attention to the values and[…]

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Who Am I? Pat Doyle Asks and Answers

two roads diverging in woods

Bob at Satisfying Retirement had a post about knowing yourself in your retirement transition  and answering the big question, “Who am I?” Then, my New Moon Ritual in May asked me to identify my public persona and decide if I am satisfied with it. And finally Karen, here at Profound[…]

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My Dogs Are Not My Children But…

Two dogs a Mexi-mutt and a sproodle

My dogs are not my children. Let me count the ways: I do not refer to or think of myself as my dogs’ mommy. In the same vein, they are not my babies, fur or otherwise. Pups yes, no matter their age, but not babies. Other than the occasional Toffee[…]

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Sizzling Sue Shares What Inspires Her

sizzling sparkler forming an O

I looked up the definition of sizzling. It means hot, passionate, very exciting. Often there’s a sexual connotation as in a “sizzling romance.” While we’d have to ask her husband about that last part, I can affirm that the author of this week’s Tribe Story writes a blog that certainly sizzles[…]

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