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Who Am I? Pat Doyle Asks and Answers

two roads diverging in woods

Bob at Satisfying Retirement had a post about knowing yourself in your retirement transition  and answering the big question, “Who am I?” Then, my New Moon Ritual in May asked me to identify my public persona and decide if I am satisfied with it. And finally Karen, here at Profound[…]

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My Dogs Are Not My Children But…

Two dogs a Mexi-mutt and a sproodle

My dogs are not my children. Let me count the ways: I do not refer to or think of myself as my dogs’ mommy. In the same vein, they are not my babies, fur or otherwise. Pups yes, no matter their age, but not babies. Other than the occasional Toffee[…]

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Sizzling Sue Shares What Inspires Her

sizzling sparkler forming an O

I looked up the definition of sizzling. It means hot, passionate, very exciting. Often there’s a sexual connotation as in a “sizzling romance.” While we’d have to ask her husband about that last part, I can affirm that the author of this week’s Tribe Story writes a blog that certainly sizzles[…]

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Nudged Along in Retirement by Fran K.

frozen ball of ice on snow with sunrise behind

Sincere appreciation to Fran K. for picking up on my nudge. When Fran made a comment about enjoying pottery, I ever-so-casually suggested that she might want to update her tribe stories on this site with some of her latest reflections. (You’ll find her first two tribe stories here and here.) Voila![…]

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Happy First Birthday, Profound Journey. Now What?

birthday cake with blue and white icing and the number 1

I started Profound Journey one year and 107 posts ago. The very best thing I did before launching was to record my three intentions for the site. They were, in no particular order: Make my art–combine words and images in ways that bring more beauty into the world and inspire[…]

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Two Dogs are Twice as Much Fun

Kermit and pink panther dolls hanging upside down on a wire

Yes, you read it right–two dogs. Shylah has lived with us for seven months; you are long overdue an update. Toffee, our newest, has been here for three months; it is past time for introductions. Shylah Makes Me Dizzy Overall, Shylah has come a long, long way from the shutdown[…]

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