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Have You Started Death Cleaning Yet?

pile of boxes, bags, clothes in an open storage unit

“I’ve never seen the settlement of an elderly person’s estate that didn’t involve at least one Dumpster,” said an estate lawyer. If you have helped with the post-death cleanup of a relative’s worldly possessions, you know the lawyer’s words are true. Margareta Magnusson, an elderly Swedish artist and author, would like[…]

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RAW NEWS Gives Me Direction for the Future

back of woman's legs climbing steps

In April, I wrote How to Craft Your Ideal Day…and Live It. I had a few book ideas and was looking for a way to make writing a big part of every day. I was focused on product, on doing what I’d been doing–writing for publication–but in an arena other[…]

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Ra Paulette Digs Shrines in the Wilderness

top opening of Ra Paulette cave

I love serendipitous moments. Discovering the work of Ra Paulette was one such moment. Last week, I received an email notification of a New Mexico retreat by a writer whose work I follow. At a cost of $6,000 US for five days, not including airfare, the retreat will be happening[…]

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Why the Dandelion Crayon is No More

dandelion crayon and others

“Who are we going to color the sun with?” “Why would you do this? Wrong, wrong, wrong!” Those were some of the plaintive and angry tweets when Crayola announced that it was retiring the Dandelion crayon. The dandelion crayon is the thirteenth colour to be retired by Crayola. The first[…]

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Catatumbo Lightning: Our Most Electrifying Wow Note

Catatumbo lightning in a purple and black sky

It is unlikely that many of us will get to witness Catatumbo lightning firsthand. That’s a shame because Catatumbo lightning is world-renowned. It flashes over the mouth of the Catatumbo River where it empties into Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. What’s So Special About Catatumbo Lightning? NASA has named Lake Maracaibo lightning[…]

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