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Longplayer: Music for 1000 Years

collection of singing bowls Longplayer

We won’t be around to hear the end of it. Neither will the next 20+ generations of our families. But whoever is alive in the last seconds of the year 2999 will hear the final moments of Longplayer. And then, if all continues to go well, the 1000 year long[…]

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Mothers and Daughters of Colour Blind Men

four masses of heavily coloured flowers - yellow, green, red and blue with emphasis on green and red for colour blind post

A tetrachromat is a woman who can see one hundred million colours. That is 99 million more colours than the rest of us can see. The woman will always be the mother or the daughter of a colour blind man. Here’s why. Most of us have three types of cones[…]

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Zombie Apps Keep Developers Awake At Night!

Lego zombie character in natural setting, representing zombie apps

A zombie app is an app that is essentially invisible to consumers because it doesn’t appear in the top 300 lists on the App stores. A zombie app can therefore only be discovered by searching for a specific type of app, or by knowing the name of the app and[…]

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What Determines the Sex of a Sea Turtle?

sea turtle hatchling heading to sea

The temperature of the sand in a sea turtle’s nest determines the sex of the babies. Below 85 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius), offspring are predominantly male. Above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, babies are predominantly female. This fascinating little fact even has its own acronym — TSD or Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination. Apparently,[…]

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What did David Letterman do to the Late Show Studio?

Marquee of Late Show studio where David Letterman made an environmental change to improve his jokes

In the 1980’s, David Letterman played around with the thermostat settings of the Late Show studio. He tried different temperatures on different shows. One night he set the temperature for 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius). Success! The audience was really responsive and the jokes were a big hit. The[…]

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