My Favourite Blogs and Channels of 2017

I guard my inbox pretty carefully. Maybe you’re the same? I don’t want to be inundated with emails. I like to read books so I’m careful not to spend too much time reading shorter pieces online. Movies are my thing so I don’t spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos. Given all of that, I’ve surprised myself this year by finding twenty places where I love to hang out online. Without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are my favourite blogs and channels of 2017.

13 Favourites Come from Our Profound Journey Tribe

One of my goals for Profound Journey was to find my tribe of women who want to live vibrant, creative, purpose-filled, passionate lives. I’ve needed to look no further than twelve blog sites and one channel of  Profound Journey tribe members. Whether you’re interested in life transitions, travel, or humorous takes on everyday life, I hope you’ll find something that you will want to subscribe to and follow. The names in brackets will be familiar since many are frequent commenters on Profound Journey.

So What? Now What? started out two years ago as a blog about life transitions–like preparing to go from a goal-driven career to purposeful retirement. Since then it has transitioned to include discussions about mindfulness, wellness, travel, grandparenting, and just about anything else that goes into living a vibrant life.  (Christie)

Shallow Reflections is a humor blog, and the name was born from a running joke between my husband, Patrick, and me. We said it was our shallowness that brought us together and keeps us together to this day. My mission is to give you some free laughter, sparing no personal expense in the process. But don’t be surprised if occasionally I write something serious. (Molly)thumb up favourite

The Glasgow GallivanterGallivant: to go around from one place to another in the pursuit of pleasure or entertainment. I write about my experiences as I gallivant around Glasgow, Scotland and the wider world, lavishly illustrating my posts with husband John’s photographs. (Anabel)

Travels with FranFor the past sixteen years, my husband and I have traveled extensively as international educators. During that time, I wrote about our travel to places like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Cambodia. Now I am adjusting to life back in  Canada, and am on a different kind of journey, exploring life as a second-time retiree. I’m starting to discover new interests in addition to gathering opinions about articles I am writing for my memoir. I do not write regularly, only when the inspiration strikes! (Fran)

Natalie the ExplorerI share my fun experiences living a car-free lifestyle in Toronto, Canada, and traveling internationally. I’ve been to 45 countries and am eager to explore more soon! When not planning for my next adventure, I work on my goals of healthy living. (Natalie)

My Life Lived FullI believe that life is what you make it. Some people prefer to keep it safe and stay within their comfort zone, but I think that life is lived skipping along the edges of my comfort level. I am retired now and I’ve discovered that my passion for a “life on the edge” hasn’t diminished. As I explore this next chapter of my life, my blog is about my stories, both past and present. (Joanne)

Debbie L. KasmanI write about spirituality, female leadership and the need to transform education. Dan Pink put my blog on his reader-recommended list in 2016. I haven’t written a lot lately. I’m working hard to finish my next book! (Debbie)

Roaming AboutMark and I are full-time nomads, part-time sailors, RVers, house and pet sitters, and lifetime adventurers. We have freelance careers and live on a tight budget, seeing the world, being free, and experiencing life on our own terms. My blog is about all that–and more. It is about an alternative lifestyle to inspire a life less ordinary. (Liesbet)

Retirement Reflections. I lived in Beijing, China for fourteen years. Leaving international life behind, my husband and I retired to Vancouver Island, Canada, in June 0f 2015. That’s when I started Retirement Reflections, my blog of adventures, discoveries, and reflections. I love the connections with others that I form through blogging. (Donna)

Susan Millard. I have a YouTube channel with almost 1800 subscribers that I hope you will enjoy. On my channel, I show you how to accomplish things like drawing, keeping a journal, baking, crocheting,  making jewelry, and bashing RC vehicles and then fixing them. I also do product reviews, and I have  lots of other ideas I’m brewing. Ha ha. That last comment will make sense if you watch the video! (Susan)

Retirementally ChallengedI started my blog before I retired, in part to work through my ambivalence about my upcoming life-changing event. Now, several years later, I enjoy writing about all sorts of topics including travel, relationships, photography, gratitude, and whatever else pops in my head (even, sometimes, issues surrounding retirement and aging). (Janis)

Retirement TransitionIn July 2014, I retired from a 30+ year corporate career with one company. I didn’t have a plan in place for what came next. I am a planner by nature, so the days after retirement became a journey of transition which I am still in. In my blog, I hope to connect with others on a similar transition journey from full-time career to what comes next. (Pat)

Dr Sock Writes Here. Mine is an accidental blog, begun as a short-term experiment ten years ago when I was preparing to co-teach a course on educational technology. Then I discovered that I loved writing blog posts. At various times, my blog has been mostly about writing, or art, or retirement. It has always included a large component of life according to me. Because I needed to keep my personal thoughts separate from my professional persona, my blog was written under an alias. Now that I have retired, that may be changing! (Dr. Sock)

5 Favourite Sites and Channels About Creativity

Tara Leaver. I love Tara’s site! Her site description is so apt. She offers “motivating encouragement, wild enthusiasm, exciting ideas (both thought provoking and inspiring), and concrete actions to take in service to your dream of creating art that is true to you.”

Dirty Footprints StudioThis is the site of the 21 Secrets online courses that I’ve purchased and have been thoroughly enjoying. Connie doesn’t blog very often, but I enjoy her passionate enthusiasm when she does. And, like Tara, she has some excellent free resources.

Rod Bergeron. You’ll recognize this name. Rod is my art teacher . He describes his channel as “Not just drawing and painting tutorials. I have worked with artists across the spectrum, from absolute beginners to highly experienced masters. I want to help you get the most out of your creativity.”

David M. KesslerDavid helps painters, both amateur and professional, to loosen up their painting style, understand art design fundamentals and discover the joy and freedom of abstract painting.

Daniela Uslan. I began following Daniela when I was first starting Profound Journey and she was writing about blogging. Her current interest is to ‘help writers cut through the mental junk, become better writers, and write what really matters to them.” Whatever Daniela writes about, her openness and honesty are so refreshing.

2 Quirky and Thought Provoking Sites

Design Luck. This is a really interesting project by a guy named Zat Rana. Not strictly a blog site, the idea is that you sign up and receive a weekly newsletter. The newsletter includes: two articles, a quote, book recommendation, an idea, and a question worth pondering. The goal in everything is to teach you not what to think, but how to think.

Ageist. What a cool site! Ageist is a media company working to redefine aging. Their tagline is “Live Fast Die Old.” They’ve spent two years seeking out, photographing and interviewing people over the age of 50, and they share those fascinating interviews on their site.

It’s your turn. I can handle adding maybe seven more sites or channels to my roster.  Do you have a favourite you’d recommend – besides Profound Journey, of course 🙂 






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  1. Thank you for the mention, Karen! It’s good to recognise some established friends here and to find some new places to explore too.

  2. Thanks Karen. I appreciate the mention!

    The blogging community seems to be a tightly-knit group because familiar names and well-loved blogs constantly pop up in different places – like here on your list of favourite blogs.

    Youtube is relatively foreign territory to me. I rarely go there, so thank you for suggesting some that will expand my viewing beyond the written word.

    1. I’m not much for YouTube either, Joanne, but definitely find there are certain things that just transfer better visually than through the written word. Demonstrations of art processes for example!

  3. Thanks for this list. I’ve already dipped into some. I especially like the Glasgow one so far. Also, I love your twist on “without further ado”!

  4. Thanks for including me here, Karen. I recognize quite a few other tribe members and blogs I already follow. It would be interesting to come up with my lists of “go to” sites that I read for entertainment. I think it exceeds 20 already. Maybe it is time to reflect on all that and redefine my favorites, to make more time for reading books? Nope. 🙂

    Not sure whether I like that quote of the Ageist ““Live Fast Die Old.” I don’t want to live fast, despite time going fast. I want to savor life, every minute and every decision of it. Which makes me think about a popular quote among sailors/cruisers: “Live Slow, Sail Fast!” 🙂

    1. Hi Liesbet,
      Of course I’d include you. I really enjoy your site, and your unique perspective on the world.
      By the way, I completely agree with your dislike of the Ageist tagline. But I think you’d find some of the interviews quite fascinating. And the black and white portraits of the interviewees are stunning.

  5. Ageist – live fast and die old sounds like a fantastic site and one I plan on checking out. As I’ve gotten older, I find I have regrets about the roads not taken and yes, regrets also about some of the roads I have taken so it will be interesting to read interviews with people who may feel as I do. Thanks Karen!

    1. Hi Anna,
      I think you’ll find that most of the interviewees would encourage you to leave regrets in the dust. But yes, I’m quite confident that you’ll find many of the interviews quite interesting. And, as I mentioned to Liesbet, the photography is really stunningly gorgeous.

  6. Thank you, Karen, for including my YouTube channel on the list. I have had a definite upswing in subscribers which I am thinking came from being on your list! My subscriber count right now is 1825…WOW. Thanks again.

    I have just picked out several links to check out to add to some blogs I already follow that are on the list. To me, this is just awesome that we can all connect here on Profound Journey and as a result also connect with tribe members on our individual websites. This truly is a tribe of vibrant creative women.

    Ok, as soon as I hit post I will be off to check out the links I have already opened in new tabs.

    1. Im delighted for you, Susan. A subscriber count of 1825 is remarkable. Yay you!
      I hope you had success reviewing the other links.
      And yes, you’re right – we’re definitely a tribe of vibrant creative women. I just love that!

      1. Thanks, Karen, I did indeed have success reviewing the other links. I already follow/subscribe to Retirement Reflections and The Glasgow Gallivanter and most recently Rod Bergeron. Thanks to this post I am now signed up to get inbox messages from Shallow Reflections, My Life Lived Full and Debbie L. Kasman. I love it when people share links to their favourite websites – it helps make the connection for others that may not have ever stumbled upon these wonderful gems on the web. 🙂

          1. You’re welcome, Molly, it is my pleasure. Thank you for subscribing to my blog too and yes, it is fun to meet this way!

  7. I am so honored to be included on your list of go-to blog sites. I already follow many of them, but you have introduced me to several others, including YouTube channels. I’m looking forward to exploring these new sites and maybe adding them to my list too. I love being a member of this powerful tribe!

  8. Hi Karen, I’m humbled to be on your list. Some of the sites are new to me and I haven’t spent much time on YouTube so I’ll check them out over the holidays. The world needs more people like you and Donna who take the time to initiate positive social connections. Thank you!

  9. I am thrilled to be among your favorites, Karen, even if you spell ‘favorite’ with extra letters. LOL. I can’t wait to delve into the other great blogs you’ve highlighted. I have had a busy few days and have grandsons this weekend, so I’m going to try to get to as many as I can between their antics.

    1. Enjoy your time with your grandsons, Molly. May you have a colourful, fun-filled weekend. Notice that extra letter? I wanted to toss in a few more but it’s early and I’m not quite awake yet 🙂

    1. Of course, I’d mention your site, Pat. I look forward to every new posting and it seems that, for each one, I end up exclaiming, “Oh, I was just thinking about that too!”

  10. Karen, thanks for compiling this great list of favourite blogs, channels, and websites. Most of them are my favourites too, and I’ll be checking out the ones that are new to me. Thanks, as well, for including my blog on your list.


  11. I am so happy to have stumbled here! I’m bookmarking this site to have a look around during Christmas break. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

    You are absolutely right, I’m doing everything for everyone else and get myself lost in the shuffle in the process. But both my blogs are allowing me an out. All I have to do is make time to pursue my interests. I feel your site here will help me along the way.

    1. Welcome to Profound Journey, Claudette. I am delighted that you are here.
      I’ve just taken a look at your blog and have subscribed. Like you, I look forward to exploring it more fully over the coming days.
      When you have a chance to read more Profound Journey, you’ll see that we’re a very supportive, enthusiastic group. Anytime you want to write a comment, you’re guaranteed of a warm response.
      Merry Christmas, Claudette.

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