Profound Journey is Going Dark

sea turtle light above

Do you know the phrase ‘going dark’? In the theatre, it refers to that time when the run of one production has ended and another has not yet begun. In the military, going dark means silencing public communications and shifting to private ones. And in the life of an individual,[…]

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Liminal Space is Where the Magic Happens

liminal space a long wooden pier

Have you ever been the only person in a parking lot at night? Or a hotel hallway after the elevator has stopped pinging and all of the guests are tucked up in their rooms asleep? Maybe you have descended to a subway platform moments after the train has left and[…]

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How to Restock Your Overfished Pond

happy young girl with fingerpainted hands and nose

Lately, nothing has been profound about my profound journey, other than a profoundly deep and dark feeling of ennui–that soul-sucking weariness that makes every action an effort. Have you been feeling that way? If you’re a person who creates anything, from a delicious meal to an inspiring blog post to[…]

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July 2018 RAW NEWS Update

closeup of yellow daisy

It has been a month since I started my metaphorical road trip. Here’s what has been happening, divided into the RAW NEWS categories that I have been using since last November. Read I read eleven books this month: 4 nonfiction, 1 memoir, and 6 novels. The four nonfiction were all[…]

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Cresting the Hill, No Descent in Sight

series of hills in background, grass in foreground

I’ve always liked the name of Leanne’s blog–Cresting the Hill. To crest means to reach the top, the highest point. For some midlife women, those who imagine their lives to be glasses half empty, cresting the hill might suggest that it’s all downhill from here. A gradual or precipitous decline[…]

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How to Get Curious When You’re Not

young girl looking curious

One of your qualities is a sense of curiosity. I know that because curiosity is hard-wired into your brain. You fall somewhere on the curiosity continuum from minimally curious to intensely curious. If you are already a very curious person, you don’t need the information in this post. But if[…]

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My First Tarot Reading: 5 Lessons Learned

Tarot card of magician and black bag with stars and moons

I’ve been playing with tarot cards for a few months, trying to do my own readings using the books that come with the card decks. Unfortunately, I am very, very good at interpreting the cards to match my desires. Fortunately, I know about that about myself. And fortunately, I found[…]

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10 Keys to Your Metaphorical Road Trip

side mirror on car

I left last Monday on an extended road trip. I will be gone until at least August 31st. That’s a minimum of ten weeks of joyful ease, ten weeks of feeling the breeze in my hair, the sun on my skin. I’m only one week into my journey, but I[…]

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