RAW NEWS Gives Me Direction for the Future

In April, I wrote How to Craft Your Ideal Day…and Live It. I had a few book ideas and was looking for a way to make writing a big part of every day. I was focused on product, on doing what I’d been doing–writing for publication–but in an arena other than education.

Then, in May, I was Happy to Be Lost. Searching for a New Identity in Retirement. I wasn’t going to obsess about writing books right away, and was actively seeking activities that would allow me to focus on who I am rather than what I (used to) do.

I flailed around for the next few months. The days were pleasant, but I wasn’t doing the things that I kept saying were important to me. Intentions and actions weren’t aligned; I knew I needed a structure for my days, but it had to be one that was supportive, not restrictive.

By George, I Think I’ve Got It!

Drum roll, please. I’ve finally found it, a direction for the foreseeable future. My daily intentions are summarized by the acronym RAW NEWS.

I’m really excited about RAW NEWS. As soon as I came up with it, I remembered a favourite character in Robertson Davies’ wonderful novel, Fifth BusinessDunstable is back from war and explaining to a girl why he can’t stay with her:

“I managed to make it clear that what I most wanted was time to grow up. The war had not matured me; I was like a piece of meat that is burned on one side, raw on the other, and it was on the raw side that I needed to work.”

I have felt that way for as long as I can remember–overdeveloped to the point of burnout in my career, raw in many other aspects of life.

RAW NEWS Explained Plus What I Did Last Week

hand drawn icon of book Read

I typically read 150 books a year, both fiction and nonfiction.joyful woman kicking water at beach It’s one of the great pleasures of my life. Last week I read:

Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler. Ladder of Years is about a woman, Delia, who walks away from her marriage and family to start her life over. If you’d like to know more, this reviewer from the New York Times does a better job than I ever could.

Anne Tyler is a beautiful writer. Here’s one paragraph that I loved:

“Just a few scattered moments, she thought, have a way of summing up a person’s life. Just five or six tableaux that flip past again and again, like tarot cards constantly reshuffled and redealt. A patch of sunlight in a window seat where someone big was scrubbing Delia’s hands with a washcloth. A grade-school spelling bee where Eliza (sister) showed up unannounced and Delia saw her for an instant as a stranger. The gleam of Sam’s (husband’s) fair head against the molasses-dark wood of the rocker. Her father propped on two pillows, struggling to speak. And Delia walking south alongside the Atlantic Ocean.” (p.128)

The paragraph made me think of writing memoir. I wonder which five or six tableaux sum up my life? Yours?

The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. I”m on a bit of an Eric Weiner kick ever since reading and enjoying The Geography of Genius, which I wrote about in an earlier post. While I didn’t like this one anywhere near as much, it had a few interesting ideas.  For example, most people in the world consider themselves somewhere between 5-8 on a 10 point happiness scale. Except the people in Moldovia. Apparently, Moldovia is the unhappiest place in the the world. Who knew?

hand drawn icon of painting with brush and pencil on topArt

This is the big, scary one for me.

Artist Rod Bergeron
Rod Bergeron

love visual arts–drawing, painting, collage, sculpture. If I ever win a lottery, my dream is to give artists the gift of time to do their work. But I also want to explore artistic creativity myself. In the early days of Profound Journey, my intention was to write about these explorations, but I was too scared to do them, never mind write about them! That is finally changing.

For the past six Fridays from 1:00-3:00, I’ve been with nine other women in the Seniors Room at my local community centre. We are all students of artist and teacher Rod Bergeron, who has instructed us in a course with the perfect title of “Drawing for Absolute Beginners”.

I loved the course so much that this Friday afternoon, I’m joining Rod and several of my classmates for a six week run of “Painting for Absolute Beginners”.

shapes drawing
My first drawing, week one. I really like it. So does Rod.

I’ll say more about my Absolute Beginners courses in future posts. For now, it’s thrilling to me that I’ve finally started to draw, instead of just talk and read about drawing.

hand drawn icon of book with pencil on topWrite

I truly love to write, not just Profound Journey, but journal entries, memoir and, maybe someday, a screenplay or novel or creative nonfiction. I want and need to spend more time playing with writing about a variety of topics in a variety of genres.

After breakfast, I undertake the steps my Morning Pages have suggested. It’s a rare day when the pages fail to dictate the next right thing.

Julia Cameron

Last week, I mostly wrote journal entries and Morning Pages. Are you familiar with Morning Pages? The idea comes from creativity coach and author of The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron. Before doing anything else, before even getting out of bed in the morning, do three pages of longhand stream of consciousness writing. Don’t share it with anyone else. Don’t even bother rereading it if you don’t want to. Just let it be a place where you become aware of all of the thoughts swirling around in your brain, and you dump them on to paper.

Coach Anna Sundt talks about Morning Pages and their benefits in this 1:53 minute video.

I tried to make Morning Pages a daily routine many years ago when I first heard of them, but I was too rigid about them and too busy. Now I’m finding that they are a favourite pre-dawn activity. I make a cup of peppermint tea, prop myself up in bed, and write until the brain swirling stops. Most days I write many more than three pages, but if I don’t, I don’t worry about it. And if I miss a day or two or three of Morning Pages, I don’t worry about that either. I’m getting sloppy, relaxed or wise –take your pick!


The foundational pieces to support my RAW creative life include:

hand drawn icon of apple with bite out of itNutrition

I’m still trying to lose weight. I want my outsides to more accurately mirror my insides. I also want more consistent energy throughout each day so that I don’t keep reaching for sugar to prop myself up. The past couple of months, Gerri (my mom) and I have  been experimenting with and enjoying a more plant-based (veggies and fruit) diet, and I want to continue making this a priority.

Last week, I made my favourite shredded kale salad a couple of times. Kale is so good for us, but I don’t usually consider it a very appealing green to eat. When it’s chopped into little bits, as it is in this salad, and I’ve added dried cranberries and the delicious sweet yet tart dressing, it’s a winner.

hand drawn icon of stylized person in motionExercise

Gerri (my mom) is 81 years old and living proof of the adage, “Move it or lose it.” She is in great shape from decades of physically challenging work, indoors and out. In this section of RAW NEWS, I’m focused on various forms of physical activity from work around the house, through formal ‘exercise’, to time with the dogs.

Gerri’s strength is all that stood between me and a charge of elder abuse. Last week, we attempted to get to a trail through the woods that I had the forestry guys make last spring. We forced our way through marsh grass that was well over our heads, and fell in streams that we couldn’t see at our feet. When we finally got into the woods, trees had been uprooted with the season’s fierce winds. Not only were the fallen trees making the trail difficult to navigate, but in many cases we couldn’t find the trail markers. I suspect the brightly coloured bits of plastic were tied to tree limbs that are now facedown on the forest floor.

We ended up lost a few hundred yards from home. What should have been a pleasant half-hour stroll turned into an almost two hour endurance test. Ultimately, we were able to maintain a sense of humour and fun throughout, especially important when I realized that the trail was never going to be accessible and I’d wasted hundreds of dollars unrealistically trying to make it so. I’m really glad I have until next spring before I even start to think of a new trail in a new location.

hand drawn icon of open boxWonder

My favourite compliment of all times was when a friend called me a “learner on steroids.” I want to keep feeding that passion for learning through new experiences, research, reading, and courses. The wonder section also includes my interest in exploring spirituality.

bullet journal sample
Photo credit: y0mbo via Visual hunt / CC BY

Last week, I was researching bullet journals. I thought it might be fun and clever to write entries for this Journal part of the site in a variety of journal formats, and I still might do that, but the bullet journal won’t be one of them.  I’ve seen lots of gorgeous bullet journals online, and kudos to those who embrace them, but good grief, the diehards are rule-bound!

A bullet journal is a combination to-do list, short- and long-term planner, and journal. A few of the many rules include:

  • Do “rapid logging” meaning bullets and short notes, rather than full sentences.
  • Number every page, and maintain an index at the front of the book so you can find things later.
  • Mark every note with a symbol to help categorize it. Create a key in the front or back of the journal to keep track of what the symbols mean.

I’m going to borrow some of the best ideas in my next journal, but I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid and fully embrace the BuJo craze. However, if you’re in the workforce and/or you really, really like organizational aids and planners, you might want to give bullet journalling a go. Here’s one of many useful resources available for beginners.

hand drawn icon of lotus flowerSelf-Care

I’d actually forgotten about self-care until I started writing this post. Isn’t that so often the case? The simple pleasures that brighten our days get relegated to last place and then, eventually, shoved out of each day entirely. Lately, I’ve been researching the Danish concept of hygge, and look forward to both practicing it on a daily basis and to writing about it.

Although I’d forgotten about self-care (the acronym was RAW NEW until today), I’ve actually been doing a great job of practicing it. Clearing the decks, meaning decluttering, cleaning and organizing, is one of my very favourite activities and autumn is my favourite season for fresh starts.

It started with leaving my baggage behind by discarding work materials. In the past six weeks, it expanded to every horizontal surface–drawers, cupboards, closets–being emptied, sorted, organized, and cleaned. Then the painter came in and repainted many of the rooms, hardwood floor was laid in the library, and the living room carpets were professionally cleaned. Even my computer files are well organized, and I’m back to Inbox Zero. (No guarantees on how long that will last!)

Looking Ahead

So that’s RAW NEWS in a not-so-small nutshell. Thanks to Raindrop Memory for permission to use the hand drawn icons.

I promise that future journal posts won’t be as wordy. There will be many times when I will write about a single element of RAW NEWS. And even if I’m reviewing every bit of the acronym, I won’t need to provide explanations for each letter.

What activities or routines are essential to a good day or week for you? Please let us know in the comments below.  



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  1. Karen, I am frequently amazed by your intellectual curiosity and by your determination to find more creative and more soul-satisfying ways to explore your life. I confess that my approach is fundamentally lazy: I am retired, I will do what I want. Mostly what I want is to read, cook, play games and watch movies on my computer, work in my garden, and walk in the woods with my dog. In the winter I add jigsaw puzzles and, of course, our Scrabble battles. Needless to say, the usual tasks of shopping, laundry, and all the other mundane rituals have to be included, and occasionally I embark on a new project of some sort, perhaps a new scrapbook or something in the workshop, or another class at ‘dog school’.. But in essence I do very litle planning and a lot of “to-day I think I’ll do this”. It is very restful and self-indulgent. Along the way I have, however, acquired the odd useful skill. So when you are ready to tackle a new trail, let me know. My chainsaw and I will be there.

    1. Thanks for the offer, Dinah. I will be very happy to take you up on it.
      I love the fact that, despite our different approaches to retirement, we can be such good friends, enjoying many common interests. And I can’t wait for our next Scrabble battle!

  2. You are so organised! Although, when I look at my weeks they (usually) follow a set pattern so I suppose I am too. Of the specifics you mention 1) I love Anne Tyler too. The last one I read was Spool of Blue Thread. 2) I’ve never got bullet journals either.

    Good luck with all your new plans.

    1. Thanks, Anabel. I’m not surprised to hear that you are well organized. It comes through in your posts, both in the complexity of arrangements you make to ensure you see everything, and in the logical, well-written structure of the posts themselves.
      I haven’t read Spool of Blue Thread. I’ll have to pick that up.
      Glad to hear that bullet journals mystify you too. I enjoyed reading the post from one blogger whose constant refrain was, “It’s just a damn notebook.”

  3. You continue to amaze me in how you organize yourself over and over again. I also love the sound of how you physically reorganized and redecorated your house. It sounds like it would be very satisfying and peaceful.

    My routine tends to switch between things I want to do outside and then things I want to do inside. When I write, things bubble in my head for quite a few days and then I let it out when the time is right. Refinement then takes place as the piece of writing sits on my computer.

    Also tending to love my activities and doing my best to do my best. I finally have a piece of pottery that is perfectly centred and has a good shape. Writing class is fun and meeting the people who attend it is also great. Tai Chi is challenging for me-big time-but I figure the movement however wrong is exercise and I do it for that. Enormously in love with aquafit. Housework is rarely getting done and the weeds are still coming up!

    1. The combination of activities you’re engaged in during these early days of retirement sound absolutely perfect, Fran. Weeds and a dusty house are evidence, I think, that you’re doing exactly what you should be doing right now.

      Congratulations on the perfectly centred, well-shaped piece of pottery.

      I hope when and if you feel inclined, you’ll say a bit more about your activities on your blog or here on Profound Journey if you’d rather. I’d love to know why you are so in love with aquafit, and I’d love to hear more about your writing course. No pressure – just letting you know that I’m interested!

      1. I should have mentioned this before and thought I would pass on the idea now. There is someone on Facebook who is developing a large graphic on how they make choices in various parts of their life. They keep putting it up for input from people and then make adjustments. Do graphics like that work for you?

  4. Karen – you truly are a Renaissance woman! You have such an wide range of interests you put me to shame. Enjoy Kris’ music tomorrow night and since you’re at home, you can just sing along as loud as you like!

    1. Thanks, Anna. I probably will sing along since it’s others performing Kris’s music. When it’s Kris, I never sing along. I don’t want to lose a single nuance by drowning him out!

  5. Hi Karen,

    I love, love, love this post! You sound so fired up; ready to roll up your sleeves and get started on this new direction of RAW NEWS. A great acronym by the way! I believe each letter encompasses a healthy part of life to keep the mind and body going.

    Where do I start with my comments? Heck, let’s just take it from the top, shall we? I love the pictures you chose to trail down the side panel – saved them all to my Pinterest Profound Journey folder.

    Read – It sounds like you have this section well in hand. I would love to hear about the books you are reading. Who knows I might just hear about some I would like to look at getting my hands on too!

    Art – Your enthusiasm for the art classes you are taking really shows with the caption you chose for the picture you drew. “My first drawing, week one. I really like it. So does Rod.” I am excited for you to explore more with different mediums and different techniques, then sharing with us how you like them. I am really interested to see how your view of yourself as an artist blooms and strengthens as you get more practice and your talent increases.

    Write – I am going to have to try doing Morning Pages. I had never heard of the practice of doing that before. I have heard of jotting down dreams or nightmares from bed while they are still fresh in your mind so you can figure out where they are coming from. I do wonder though, what good it really does if you don’t look at what you wrote. Hmm, I may just have to try it and see for myself.

    Nutrition – I have toyed with the idea of eating a more plant-based diet as well. I even have books on vegetarian cooking but never gave the final push to make it a reality. I suppose that is because I still enjoy my beef, chicken, and fish too much. Maybe one day I will switch over (I already have the books) but I will take this as a sign I am not ready to commit to it yet. Good luck with your efforts though – I hope it works for both of you. I know it is the healthier way to eat and gives you more nutrients that your body needs.

    Exercise – Wow! What a horrendous experience you both had trying to walk the trail in the woods. I am glad you not only managed to survive the journey and get home again (how scary is that being lost on your own property?) but found a way to keep your sense of humor. As for Gerri conquering that test of endurance all I have to say is “GO GERRI! ” Well done! It sure sounds like you have a good mixture of exercise going for you – work around the house, actual exercise moves and walking and playing with the dogs. Phew, I am getting tired just typing that. LOL 😉

    Wonder – Good grief bullet journals sound amazingly rigid. It sounds like a lot of work to me which would suck all the fun right out of it. I am looking forward to seeing everything you put in this section. You know I like that you are a “learner on steroids”. Through you, I am learning so much so I am sure this category will hold lots for me to wonder about.

    Self-Care – You are right there, self-care goes out the window first when life gets busy or other things take priority. Hopefully having this category on your site will help remind us all to practice it more; in your life and ours too.

    By Jove, I think you HAVE got it! LOL 😀

    1. Thanks, Susan. I’m looking forward to my daily RAW NEWS activities really taking hold at the beginning of November, when the last of the cleanup and organizational efforts should be done. No, WILL be done. I’m determined!

      Thanks for your comment about the art part of RAW NEWS. I too am looking forward to seeing how this all develops. Writing about it is very scary because I am such an amateur, but I think that writing about it is exactly what I need to do to get past the fear and to see growth when it happens.

      It will be interesting to see what you think of Morning Pages. You certainly can reread them; you just don’t have to, or maybe you’ll want to reread after you’ve written for several days or a week so you can see any patterns.

      As for nutrition, I’m liking more plant-based than before but I can fairly confidently state that I will never, ever become a vegetarian or a vegan. We’re not eating much beef, but chicken is a big favourite. And cheese. And eggs. And tilapia.

      Thanks again for the enthusiastic support, Susan. You help me want to roll up my sleeves and get moving!

  6. Well Karen, your seven categories encapsulated in the acronym RAW NEWS almost exactly describes my personal plan for retirement. Of course, the actual activities I include in each category might differ a little from yours. For example, my exercise category includes skiing, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking.

    The only additions I would make for me would be to add a category for community and social life (including family), and maybe also a category for outdoors/nature. However, that would mess up your lovely acronym!


    1. Hi Jude,
      It’s funny you mention your additional categories. I played around with the community/social/family one for a while, but my days are pretty much routine when it comes to that so I was writing the same stuff over and over.

      As for outdoors/nature, that one is super important to me but I wrapped it up in the exercise category because, as you say, doing otherwise would have messed up my acronym!

  7. What a nice overview of your goals and achievements. I’m pretty sure I’d start with R, then get so lost in a ton of books I’d never get to A. I’m so impressed that you are taking beginning drawing and, soon, beginning painting. I need to see if there is anything like that around here.

    Your mother sounds amazing – what great example of the benefits that exercise, good nutrition, and gentle self-care can bring to our well-being.

    1. I’ve definitely been having trouble getting to A, Janis, but that’s because A scares me so much and reading is much more in my comfort zone.

      Speaking of reading, I’ve started The Lacuna on your recommendation, and I’m enjoying it. Thanks for the suggestion.

      My mom is indeed amazing. She’ll appreciate the compliment!

      1. I know exactly what you mean about A. Even though I consider myself a creative person, and even spent a lot of my career life as a graphic designer, Art (mostly drawing and painting) with a capital A, is scary. For me, it’s the fear of creating something that exposes a lack of talent. I want to be good NOW!

        I’m glad that you are enjoying The Lacuna. I would love to know your thoughts once you have finished it.

        1. We’re very similar, Janis. I too want to be good NOW and am currently finding it really difficult to be a beginner. A graphic designer? That’s terrific – a career I’ve always admired.
          I’ll definitely be back to you about The Lacuna.

  8. You will always remain stimulated, Karen! That is so exciting on a mental level. Congrats doing the art classes. I’m sure the physical part will improve as well, if your mom is anyone to go by. What an adventure in the woods you both had.

    The plant-based diet has been working splendidly for my husband and me. After a couple of weeks, your body gets used to it and sticking to foods with less sugar and more nutritional value will be the new normal. And, when you then eat a meat-heavy or greasy or sugary meal (which you might crave once in a while), your body will protest after consumption. It is all very interesting.

    Love the RAW NEWS. You are on to something! Enjoy the rest of autumn and your fresh start.

    1. Thanks, Liesbet. I’m glad to hear that plant-based eating works so well for you and Mark. I’ve had the experience a couple of times of my body protesting after I eat a lot of sugar or something greasy. Each time I vow not to let that happen again and that holds… until the next time. I’m looking forward to trying to get some consistency in my approach via RAW NEWS.

  9. Karen, Once again I’m feeling a bit like we are twins separated at birth. Almost every one of your buckets is on my action plan as well. I haven’t created an acronym for it… I tend to name my activities in alliterative or word-play terms (Time with Tim, Be a Beginner, Foodie Fun with Friends, Couple Camaraderie, Practice Positivity, Career Continuation, Play with Words, etc).

    I had to re-read the reasoning behind the word RAW a couple of times, because the word is not positive to me. But I understand why it’s meaningful to you.

    And as I said – I have many of the same items. BTW- I love Morning Papers – I read Julia Cameron over a year ago and have been doing them since. I’ve recommended them to many folks.

    Read – I’m a “trash novel” reader – mysteries and romances. I have to watch out because I have a really hard time putting down a book and those read-till-2AM moments really mess me up physically!

    I am also struggling with the Art space. I tried pottery and have a couple of lovely, not quite round snack bowls that I adore using…but it didn’t spark a desire for continuing. I’m looking into jewelry making this winter.

    Write – yup a passion. I incorporate it into my career continuation work, obviously blog (and write very long comments sometimes – LOL) and yes, I have a draft book (that needs some major editing).

    I like that you’ve got the foundational elements as well. Nutrition – my new kitchen was the one of the reasons we moved, so I am looking forward to cooking again. And we are more consciously trying to add more fruits and veggies into our diet, but I’ll never give up meat or carbs (love my bread!).

    Exercise – a big one for me as I had no exercise program pre-retirement. I’m hoping to restart yoga which went to the side as the move-project took over my life. This is an area (like Art) that I need some conscious habit formation work! I do Walks with Friends now instead of lunch or wine; everyone I suggested it to was “yeah!”

    Wonder – Oh yeah… I love to explore also. Mostly with reading books on the topic. I’ve looked into Spirituality and want to resume looking at space – I went to a local convention, read some books and did a personal reading – but want to do more as I don’t think I’ve really understood how it fits my life. So many topics on my learn about list – from astronomy to birdwatching to The Great Journey (inspired from recent our Africa trip).

    And finally Self-care – as I said, I’m a huge fan of my Morning Papers. I’ve also learned to more actively practice gratitude, use affirmations, and even schedule a massage every once in awhile. And of course, there is the de-cluttering that is going on here as well.

    So – yeah… twins. Sometimes I look at day and think it’s not been productive… but then I look at full weeks and see that I almost always have elements of my action plan – even if it’s just the planning/setting up of activities that fit my retirement vision. Like this week, planning my yoga restart, drafting a couple of blog posts, dinner with friends, and buying fresh fruits and veggies when shopping. So, I like your daily intention, but also keep in mind everyday might not have every element.

    And, one of my blog post drafts is about the fact that intention does not always equate to action. I was at a conference recently that highlighted this fact (with data, but hard to catch in notes) and then talked how to move to action, which is in essence habit change. I think I’m going to have to refine that post and get it out!

    Looking forward to hearing how this new Raw News kick-start does for you in coming weeks.

  10. Great comment from my twin! Thanks, Pat. Thoughts that came to mind as I read:
    Impressed that you use alliterative or word play titles. I don’t have that kind of brain, but wish I did. Even your titles inspire a sense of fun.

    I think it’s really helpful to try out all kinds of art activities and have to keep reminding myself that I can do that now because I’m retired! I hope you’ll let us know how you feel about jewelry making.

    What’s the genre of your draft book, if you don’t mind sharing? I’m guessing mystery, romance, or former career related.

    I’m with you about never giving up carbs. There’s an amazing bread place I frequent; they make their bread in huge stone ovens. Eating some of it – any of it – is a pleasure not to be missed EVER.

    I’ve got a formal exercise practice, but got really bored with it recently. Fortunately, my trainer is multi-talented so she has switched things up in a big way and I’m keen again. I’ll talk about it in a future post. Like art, when you find your thing, you’ll know it. Maybe it’s Yoga, maybe not.

    I would have predicted that Wonder was a big part of your life too. Don’t know how I knew – maybe that twin telepathy – but I knew from the beginning that you were an intellectually curious woman.

    I’m doing the active practicing of gratitude too, and am really seeing a difference in my life. Fascinating. Ties in with the Wonder section very nicely, doesn’t it.

    I agree completely that every day won’t have every element. I did some tracking of RAW NEWS over the last few weeks and found that days/weeks would go by without any Art other than my weekly class with Rod. So I do want to try to include all elements every day, just so Art doesn’t keep getting missed, but I know it won’t always work and I’m going to try to remember not to beat myself up about that.

    I’d love to hear about your conference. I’ll be watching for new posts!

    1. Karen – My book is about retirement transition. My first few blogs were actually pulled from the draft book, then blog posts were written and went into the book draft. I’m struggling with the core metaphor/framework – creating a plan/blueprint, re-invention using design principles, making it more like a memoir. I’m hoping to spend some time on it now that the big move-project is coming to a finalization.

      I started a romance novel, but my STEM training/nature makes it hard to write this format – description and language. I took a class in creative writing but a lot more learning curve there! It might come back out soon (that playing with words passion) as things in life change.

      I just posted a blog on one of the conference topics – habit formation versus intention. Another post is in draft about personality – next week’s post I’m hoping. I just signed up for a local WordPress conference – so more learning coming my way. Oh yeah, today I’m looking up more on blockchain… it was talked a lot at the conference and I’m trying to better understand it. Doubt that will turn into any blog post – but the Wonder factor in fine form today! Have a great day.

  11. Hi Pat,
    I was going to write about retirement transition too, but couldn’t come up with a framework. I kept inadvertently stealing William Bridges’ work, so I’ve put it on the shelf. Good luck with your work on it. I’ll be first in line to buy several copies of your book.
    I have a similar problem to you with writing fiction. It’s something I want to work on. I’ve bought a book called Word Painting – love the title – to help me with description. Now, if I’ll actually do the exercises in it, it might help. I’ll let you know if it’s any good.
    Just went to read and comment on your post. Another good one, Pat. Thanks. And now I’m going to look up blockchain – never heard of it. So thanks for that too!

  12. RAW NEWS–I love it, and I’m looking forward to hearing more as you progress on your journey. Some days I feel like I’m just surviving, putting out fires if you will, but I have a few self-care rituals that are non-negotiable. I meditate and write every morning. I exercise most evenings (at least five times a week), and I end each day with a gratitude journal. I also get my nails done every other week and indulge in a monthly massage.

    1. You’ve got some great self-care rituals going on, Christie. That’s really terrific. I’m curious – when you write in the morning is it morning pages, journaling, a book project?

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