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Profound Journey was made for you if…

You are a woman
Who yearns to be wide-awake for the rest of your days;
To live every moment with awareness and spirit;
To become your sparkling, creative and fully engaged best self.
And you are looking for your tribe.

Author Karen Hume

My Story. Your Story?

Hi. I’m Karen.
Welcome! I am so happy that you are here.

I am a writer and a teacher who spent the first 50+ years of her life making everyone and everything else a priority.

My life choices were made happily, freely. My work was my vocation, what I was put on earth to do.
It was the most amazing, wonderful work I could ever imagine until it almost killed me.



At the end of the day, changing my life wasn’t an option.

silhouette of woman raising arms in victory on top of hill after climbing, mountain walking. quote on text - If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you - Fred DeVito

I don’t know your story yet, but chances are good that either your age or a significant event is making you rethink your life. Because the truth is, change usually comes in response to pressure. And that’s good because that pressure has put you on the path of your own profound journey.

Four Essentials for Your Trip

While the details of your journey are going to be unique, because you are unique, my experience tells me you need four things.

1. Meaningful Challenges and Help Achieving Them

Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert - A creative life is an amplified life. It's a bigger life.... on background of striped fabricI’m the author of six books about differentiated instruction, which means teaching in a way that matches how the individual learns. In every one of those books, I talk about how teachers and school administrators can change their professional practice, even change their beliefs, and I try to find ways to match the change process to the individual.

I’ve never felt that I’ve done a very good job of that part of my books. Because making a change is actually pretty easy. Sustaining it? That is devilishly difficult.

This time I want to get it right. I’ve got the time now and the desire to dive deep into the change literature and come back with the nuggets that might actually help us. You will find that information in the Change area on this site.

But unless we actually try out these practical tips, nothing is going to happen. So I also apply those practical tips to things in my life that I want to change –not just bad habits, but some of the stories I tell myself, the ways I behave in the world. Take a look at the Perspective section for interesting alternative stories and new ways to think about old ideas.

I report back openly and honestly about how my change efforts are going. I’m hoping you will take up some of the challenges too, and you’ll talk about what is working and not working for you. We’ll figure out this personal change stuff together.

2. Ideas for Creative Self-Expression

I believe that your creative self wants, no needs, an outlet for expression. Sure that might be something artistic, like trying collage or learning to play the ukulele. But it doesn’t have to be. Maybe you’ll analyze your dreams, learn to stand up for yourself in tough conversations, take a course in cupcake decorating, or solve a problem that has been bothering you for a while.

Quote "When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life." by Jean Shinoda Bolen on background of tulip and heart bokeh

The specifics don’t matter. You are living a creative life if you are learning and growing in spite of your fears. You will find information and lots of suggestions in the Creativity section of this site. For interesting tidbits that sure to pique your curiosity, check out Wow Notes.

3. More Self-Care

If you are a woman, it’s pretty much a sure thing that you are putting everyone else’s needs and desires above your own. You may be feeling guilty about even contemplating paying a bit more attention to yourself. I understand. I have always been spectacularly terrible at self-care so I’m starting small. Check out the Self-Care section where together we can take those baby steps that will bring joy.

4. Inspiring Fellow Travellers

Are you looking for your tribe? I am. I created this online space so that we could find each other. It’s a place where we can share our enthusiasms and our frustrations along the paths of our unique profound journeys. It’s a place we can all come to for information, inspiration, and support. I’m hoping you will become a known member of our group – you can do that in the Tribe Stories section of the site – but you are welcome here even if you choose to remain anonymous.African proverb quote - "If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together" on image of four multicultural hands clasping

My 3 Promises to You

You are in a safe space devoted to exploration and discovery. To that end, I promise that I will:

  1. Make it easy for you to comment by not requiring that you create profiles or passwords for this site. I will moderate only the first comment that you post. And I guarantee that if you are taking the time to write a comment, I will take the time to reply. Dialogue is the goal, not monologue.
  1. Avoid doing to you all of the things that I find so irritating. Like those shimmying, text-covering popups that beg you to subscribe. And the ads that are plastered all over your screen. And how about those relentless requests for you to tweet everything I write? You won’t find any of that here. Pinterest is my social media channel of choice because I love images and great content. All images are pinnable.
  1. Treat your email address with respect, never sharing it and using it only to tell you about new content on the site, to give you subscriber-only content, or to ask you a question that will help me know what I can do for you. (Here’s the more long-winded version of the privacy policy.)