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Fran Fearnley’s Secret Creative Goal

Portrait of Fran Fearnley curator of ZimArt with one of the sculptures

Fran Fearnley is the owner and curator of ZimArt, a gorgeous outdoor gallery of Zimbabwean stone sculpture. Walter Mariga, whose video appears on this site, exhibits at Fran’s gallery. Here are Fran’s answers to many of the 25 Not-too-Scary Life Questions Worth Asking Yourself.  What is the best compliment you[…]

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Why Susan is a Phoenix

gold mythical creature phoenix on black background

Thank you to Susan Millard who is the first to take up my invitation to contribute a tribe story. Here are her answers to some of the 25 Not-too-Scary Life Questions Worth Asking Yourself. Susan also updated her tribe story with the contribution of a family collage, posted November 15th, 2016.[…]

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25 Not-Too-Scary Life Questions Worth Asking Yourself

parrot peering at viewer with questioning look

There are lots of dig-deep-and-bleed lists of life questions worth asking yourself, but I’m not always in the mood to be making a searching moral inventory. If you’re not either, but would still like the benefits that self-reflection brings, here are 25 not-too-scary questions to get you started. (If you[…]

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