Why Walter Sculpts Women

Walter Mariga is a master stone sculpture from Zimbabwe. In this one minute video, Walter explains why all of his sculptures are of women and you see a few of his more recent works. A transcript of the video follows.


Walter, many artists—and I think you’re no exception in this—will sculpt the same kind of theme many times over. You seem to be attracted to sculpting women. What’s that about?


In my sculpture, it’s all about women. For me to be a great artist, it was a woman who took a lot of care of me. I’m not saying fathers are not there, were not there for me. They were there for me. But remember, I stayed in my mother’s womb for nine months and the first time I was out in this world, she was the one who took a lot of care. My father was there, but everything I needed was coming from my mother.


So I tend to have respect about the women. So the whole idea of my sculptures, I just sort of try to portray the beautiful, the care that women are to the nation.


That’s beautiful. Just beautiful.

More information about Walter and his work is available from the ZimArt gallery.



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